What is the level cap in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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One of the most satisfying things about deep CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 is creating your character. You can tweak their features, choose their race and class, and develop them to be just how you like. Each level obviously increases your total power and abilities, but also unlocks new skills and options to pick from. Even if you decide not to multi-class and focus just on your main build, you won’t be able to create an all-powerful character. There’s a limit before you won’t be able to gain any more levels, so knowing just how much room you have left could impact your decisions on what to invest in. If you’re curious just how many levels you have left to gain in Baldur’s Gate 3, here’s the final level cap for your character.

What is the level cap in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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While developer Larian originally planned for the level cap in the full release to be 10, just before launch it announced that the cap had been moved up to 12. Early access players were only able to reach level 5, meaning even those who played the game before launch still have more than double the amount of levels to gain on their new characters. The message that came with the announcement stated: “While we originally planned for Level 10 to be the highest character level in the game, too many rad high-level spells would have been left just out of reach had we done so. Instead, Baldur’s Gate 3 players will be able to reach Level 12, unlocking Planar Allies, Otto’s Irresistible Dance, and Chain Lightning.”

It is possible that the level cap could be increased again in the future should the game receive any DLC or expansions, as the version of Dungeons and Dragons the game is based on allows for characters to reach a maximum of level 20, but for now, there are no confirmed plans for extra content. The team is still working on getting the game functional on Xbox consoles as well, which likely won’t happen this year.

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