This top-rated washer and dryer bundle is discounted to $825

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly but highly-rated washer and dryer to add to your smart home, Best Buy has a great washer and dryer bundle to check out. It includes a 12-cycle Insignia top-leading washer and a 12-cycle Insignia dryer, and it’ll cost you just $825. This is a savings of $75 from the bundle’s regular price of $900, and free delivery is included with your purchase, which is a somewhat substantial savings of its own on big items like this.

Why you should buy this Insignia washer and dryer bundle

It doesn’t take one of the best washing machines or best dryers to get the job done, and in fact, many people prefer simplicity and ease of use to all of the modern bells and whistles of smart technology. This washer and dryer bundle by Insignia is smart in all of the right ways without becoming a cumbersome or frustrating experience. The washer has a capacity of 3.7 cubic feet, which is large enough for many households to see a reduction in the number of loads it takes to get laundry done. It has 12 wash cycles and four temperature levels, and a water sensor level that determines the ideal water level for each load.

The dryer is the Insignia 6.7-cubic feet dryer, and with its large capacity its capable of thoroughly washing blankets, comforters, curtains, and coats. It has 12 sensors for auto-drying capabilities, as well as manual drying cycles if you want to take the reigns. You can even choose the dryness level that best suits your load and the dryer will automatically detect moisture and stop when your clothes are finished. This dryer features a front load design for easy access and for making larger loads easier to lift in and out. It operates at a noise level lower than many dryers, and when combines with the Insignia washer as part of this bundle they make a quiet laundry experience that can work without much notices to many households.

This Insignia washer and dryer bundle is going for just $825 at Best Buy right now. This is a $75 savings from its regular price of $900, and Best Buy is including free shipping with a purchase.

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