This HP laptop is over $1,500 off until midnight (seriously)

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Hp EliteBook 860 G9 front view.

When it comes to enterprise laptops, one of the most important aspects is their security, especially since it’s usually a device that’s taken outside of the office where it would be safe. That’s where the HP EliteBook 860 comes in, as it’s not only a great laptop, but it also comes with HP’s Wolf Security to help protect the laptop. Even better, there’s a Prime Day deal now for just $1,349, rather than the usual $2,926, a significant $1,577 discount.

Why you should buy the 16-inch HP EliteBook 860 G9 Notebook

Even the best antivirus isn’t enough if your laptop gets hacked into or stolen, and that’s where HP Wolf Security comes in. It’s a complete security suite to help keep your laptop protected and includes features such as malware and phishing protection at the CPU level and even helps you trace and protect a stolen laptop. It essentially acts as a full-stack security solution for the laptop to help reduce the overall burden on IT and be sure breaches are caught quickly and do very little damage. While HP Wolf Security is a subscription service, you get three years of it when you buy the HP EliteBook 860, so it’s a great deal straight out of the gate.

As for the laptop itself, it comes with a mid-to-high-end Intel Core i7-1265U processor and 16GB of DDR5 RAM and will provide a very smooth experience when it comes to productivity work, making this one of the best business laptops you can grab for the price. The 16-inch screen has an FHD resolution and can hit an impressive peak brightness of 400nits, which means you can use it almost anywhere without direct sunlight. Storage is also great at 512GB, and we doubt you’ll run out of it soon, but you can always grab one of these external hard drive deals to supplement if you need it.

All in all, the HP EliteBook 860 is one of the best laptops if your main interest in security, and with the deal from HP discounting it down to $1,349 and including three years of HP Wolf Security, it’s a must-buy. Even so, it’s worth checking out some of these other Prime Day laptop deals to take advantage of.

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