This Dell desktop PC is $500 right now but it’s selling fast

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While we often see a lot of great deals on flashy gaming PCs, we don’t often see great deals on pure work or school PCs, which is why we were happy to see this deal on the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC. It’s also a great option if you have a smaller office or space at home that can’t fit a full-sized tower, even if you’re not aiming for a work or business laptop. Even better, while it usually goes for $650, Dell has discounted it to $500.

Why you should buy the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC

While budget-oriented desktops tend to have poor CPUs, we’re happy to say that the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC comes with a 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13400, a mid-range CPU that’s more than enough to handle most productivity you’ll throw at it. While it might struggle a little with some editing tasks, such as graphics or music production, it should still be able to handle them with limits. Ironically, even though the i5-13400 is one of the best processors for gaming, the Small Desktop doesn’t come with any. Still, if you’re a bit tech-savvy, you can pick a great graphics card and install it yourself, assuming the motherboard version you get is compatible.

Another somewhat surprising thing is the inclusion of 8GB of RAM; we would have preferred to see 16GB given how much of a quality-of-life upgrade it is, but, again, if you have some tech savvy, that shouldn’t be difficult to do yourself as well. As for storage, you get a 512GB SSD, which isn’t bad at all. You’ll also be happy to know that the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC comes with Windows 11 and a keyboard and mouse, although the latter two are generic versions, and you’re better off grabbing these wireless keyboard deals and wireless mouse deals.

Overall, the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly work or school laptop, and there’s even some potential for upgrades there if you want to do that. You can grab it now from Dell for just $500, although if you would prefer something a little different, there are a few other great desktop computer deals you should check out.

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