These Klipsch speakers are hugely discounted for Prime Day



The shiny golden cones of Klipsch’s entire loudspeaker lineup are instantly recognizable and add a unique glint of opulence to the masses of matte black AV components out there. And given the 70-plus years that the American audio company has been around, their stuff just so happens to sound pretty fantastic, too. So, for Amazon Prime Day, we present exhibits A and B: the small but powerful Klipsch R-41PM powered bookshelf speakers and the thumping 400-watt Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer, both of which are hugely discounted (40% and 52% off, respectively) and ripe for the taking.

Klipsch R-41PM powered bookshelf speakers — $299, were $499

Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer — $290, was $599

Klipsch R-41PM powered bookshelf speakers


When I told Digital Trends’ editor-at-large, Caleb Denison, that these bookshelf speakers were on sale for Prime Day for $299 (regularly $499), first he gasped, then he told me that they’re so easy to use that he gave a set to his mom. “They’re one of the best companions for a turntable (with a built-in phono preamp) that you can get for under $400,” he said. And he’s right of course. But Klipsch R-41PMs are also perfect for connecting to just about any source you want. On the back, you’ll find the aforementioned RCA input with phono pre (so your turntable doesn’t need one), but it also has a line/phono switch in case you want to connect other components, like a DVD player. There’s also a 3.5 mm AUX input and digital inputs for USB (computer connectivity) and optical (if you want to connect a TV or other digital source). They’re also Bluetooth connectable for the easiest of easy connections to smartphones, Bluetooth turntables, and such. Driving the sound is 70 watts (35 watts-per-channel) of clean, distortion-free power through the R-41PM’s 4-inch spun copper woofers, 1-inch aluminum tweeters, and rear-firing port for extra bass.

Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer


Need more bass?Add the Klipsch R-120SW sub and you’ll be shocked at the wall of sound you get from the pairing. Usually, this whopper of a 400-watt (peak) sub would run you $599, but the Prime Day gods want you to rumble and are practically giving it away for $290. A 12-inch spun-copper woofer is the heart of the R-120SW, with a 16.5 by 14 by 19.2-inch reinforced MDF cabinet that keeps vibrations at bay. There’s also a rear-firing bass port for extra push. Inputs include line Level and LFE RCA for receivers/amps/preamps and powered speakers (like the R-41PMs) that have dedicated sub-outs or not. The frequency response is a wide 29Hz to 120Hz and the sub’s controls feature volume, low pass crossover, and phase control to integrate with any setup, be it a home theater or just for listening to music.

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