The famous Dyson bladeless fan is $160 off for Prime Day

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The Dyson HP01 air purifier on a white background.

The second and final day of Prime Day deals is almost over. We’ve seen some great deals on products that aren’t often on sale, but tonight is the last chance to take advantage of them. One of the rare deals that’s still live is on the Dyson HP01 Pure Hot+Cool. It’s a fan, heater and air purifier combo with Dyson’s famous bladeless design. It’s only $370 right now, down $160 from its usual price of $530. This is the cheapest it’s been since 2021. Grab it today or risk paying full price tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Dyson HP01 Pure Hot+Cool fan during Prime Day

The Dyson HP01 Hot+Cool is a fan, air purifier and heater all in one. It does all of that with the quality and style you can expect from a brand like Dyson. The main draw is the air purifier. It’s powerful enough to clean 2,860-cubic feet, or about 350-square feet in an average room. It grabs pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, and even gases. Once it grabs them, it filters out 99.97% of them, then recirculates that air. Because of its unique shape, it filters in 360 degrees around itself. It can also oscillate like a regular fan, to help circulate clean air through the whole room.

What sets the HP01 apart is the heating and cooling function. The cooling is just a fan, but the air it blows out is clean and filtered. Even when you choose to use it as a space heater, it blows hot air that has already been purified. You can choose to heat your whole room, or target one specific spot if you are using it by yourself. This is the shortest model, and measures just over two feet high. It’s easy to hide in the corner, and packs quite a punch for its size.

In one of the best air purifier deals of Prime Day, the Dyson HP01 Pure Hot+Cool is on sale for $370, down from $530. If you’ve ever considered buying it, now is the time, as it’s at it cheapest price of the past two years. Grab it before midnight. This Prime Day Deal price could revert tomorrow.

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