The best weapon mods in Remnant 2

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Even the best weapons in Remnant 2 will feel weak if you don’t upgrade them with mods. These don’t just give passive buffs like upgrades, but add entirely new functions to your weapons that can completely change the way you approach combat. While there are a bunch of unique weapons that come with exclusive mods you can’t remove or otherwise get to put on other guns, most weapons have a slot for you to place whatever mod you want in them. Just like anything else in Remnant 2, mods aren’t given away for free. You will need to go out exploring dangerous areas and take down challenging bosses to unlock them. With over 50 mods to find and try out, we’ll save you the time and materials you’d waste experimenting with them all and list off the best weapon mods in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 best weapon mods

Astral Burst

The astral burst icon in Remnant 2.

Let’s start off with a great crowd-control option. Astral Burst can be your get-out-of-jail-free card in plenty of overwhelming situations. When activated, you will shoot off a shotgun-like blast of seven star fragments that each deal 35 damage. That may not sound like much, but these fragments can bounce off of walls up to three times, with each bounce increasing the damage dealt by 35%. Making the most of this means doing some quick geometry and aiming to your target after at least a bounce or two, but if you can pull it off, you’ll feel like a genius.

You can find Astral Burst in Yaesha by collecting the Faith Seed.

Hot Shot

If you enjoy more of a set-it-and-forget-it type of weapon mod, why not go with Hot Shot? This is one of the various elemental mods that adds an effect to all shots you fire afterward. When used, you will get 15% increased range damage for 20 seconds and apply the burning effect to each target hit. Targets inflicted with burning will take 200 damage spread over 10 seconds, or roughly 20 damage per second. It’s simple, but useful for normal enemies and bosses.

This mod is available to purchase from Ava after beating Root Mantis in the prologue.


The spiral symbol for the fargazer mod in Remnant 2.

A lot of the enemies you face in Remnant 2 might look like they come straight out of a Lovecraft story, but you can flip the script and make them afraid of you with the Fargazer mod. This acts somewhat like an elemental mod, but is much cooler. Instead of embuing your ammo with an elemental effect, Fargaze makes your sight deadly. Any enemy you aim at within 25 meters for at least .25 seconds will get a stack of madness for 5 seconds, maxing out at 10 stacks. Each stack of madness deals three damage per second, so the longer you can stare down an enemy, the more damage they take.

Unlock the Fargazer by defeating Legion in Yaesha and then craft it with Ava.


Don’t let the name fool you, this mod is anything but boring. Sorry. This mod is best used for single, tough targets such as bosses. When you trigger this mod, you will shoot out a drill that, assuming you hit your target, will burrow in and deal 80 damage, but that’s just the start. Once inside, it will create a weak spot that grants 50% of a normal weak spot damage when hit. While obviously not as great as a normal weak spot, for phases in bosses where they are hiding their weak spot, this can vastly speed up your DPS.

You can find Bore in N’Erud and craft it with Ava.

Corrosive Rounds

A bullet with a toxic aura in Remnant 2.

We won’t spend too much time on this one since it is the same as Hot Shot, except it makes your ammo inflict toxic. When hit with toxic, enemies become corroded and will take 100 damage over 10 seconds. That’s half the damage of Hot Shot, which is why we have to rank it lower, but it’s still is a great choice if you have it.

You can craft this mod after beating Magister Dullain and crafting it with Ava.


This might be the most complicated-sounding mod when you read out what it does, but once you understand it, it becomes incredibly satisfying and versatile. This is another elemental-style mod, but way different from the rest. This mod gives all your ammo the ability to inflict fragmented onto enemies for 5 seconds. When an enemy infected with fragmented dies, they leave a glitch where they died for 5 seconds, which you can either pick up or destroy. If you pick it up, you get a 20% damage buff for 15 seconds, while destroying it creates a 5-meter wide virus pool that deals 25 damage per second and inflicts fragmented to any enemies that touch it for 15 seconds. Either way you use it, this mod is fantastic for groups.

You can pick up Defrag by beating Cancer in Root Earth and craft it wit hAva.

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