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Believe it or not, even while sifting through the best Prime Day deals — live right now, by the way — you won’t find too many focused on wearables and smartwatches. That’s a bummer because they are out there. Take this next Amazon Prime Day deal on the Withings Scanwatch health-tracking smartwatch, for instance. It merges the smart functions of a modern smartwatch with the aesthetics and design of a traditional wristwatch, and it’s truly stylish. More importantly, it’s $228 today as part of the Prime Day sale, normally $300, so you’re saving over $70. That’s an incredible offer, but let’s explore the Scanwatch a bit more to see what it’s capable of.

Why you should buy the Withings Scanwatch

Something pretty amazing to note is that the Withings Scanwatch can spot an undiagnosed and serious condition. More specifically, a lot of people with sleep apnea have no idea they actually have it. The Scanwatch is equipped with an Sp02 sensor that measures your body’s blood oxygen saturation during sleep. If it detects low blood oxygen, those irregularities are likely a sign of something more sinister, and the watch will tell you so you can seek out a medical assessment and diagnosis. But beyond saving your future and improving your quality of life, what else can the Scanwatch do?

That’s a good question. It includes a heart-rate monitor, electrocardiogram — for atrial fibrillation anomalies — and wrist-based oximetry. In other words, it monitors a bunch of health stats and helps you determine just how healthy or unhealthy you truly are. But as a watch, it also keeps the time like a traditional wristwatch. Beyond that, you’ll get smartphone notifications at a glance, various activity tracking support, and incredible battery life — up to 30 days on a single charge.

The battery life alone is incredible when compared to something like the Apple Watch or any number of comparable smartwatches. Instead of having to charge every night or every few days, you can pretty much go an entire month. That’s mostly due to the minimal aesthetics and design, which is a positive because you’re not constantly being inundated with smartphone-style notifications all day long, yet you can still put your phone down and worry about grabbing it when something important comes up.

Thanks to the Prime Day deals that are live right now, you can get the Withings Scanwatch for just $228, which is over $70 off the regular price — normally $300. Hurry, though. This deal will only last for a couple of days and may even sell out before then.

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