Prime Day deal: Ecoflow Solar Generator bundle is over $850 off

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While many Prime Day deals focus on TVs, headphones, and more obvious consumer electronics, we’re not going to overlook this awesome deal on the Ecoflow Delta Max Solar Generator bundle with a 220W solar panel. Usually priced at $2,548, it’s down to $1,679 at Amazon right now, easily making it one of the best Prime Day solar generator deals. Let’s take a deeper look at what it offers before you consider tapping the buy button.

Why you should buy the Ecoflow Delta Max Solar Generator

One of the best portable power stations you could buy right now, the Ecoflow Delta Max Solar Generator may have been overtaken by the latest Delta 2 Max but it’s still worth your time.

It has a large capacity of 2,016Wh of energy stored so you can easily use it as an outdoor generator or indoors for backup power. So, whether you’re planning on trying to ditch the grid for a week or have more long-term plans, you’ll be happy here. There’s up to 800W of solar input here and it’s capable of charging fast. The Delta Max can charge its 220W panel in 11.5-23 hours so it’s a good option for power outages. You may even save some money via such solar panels although this shouldn’t really be the focus here.

Instead, like the best solar panels, it’s all about how you can replace your traditional gas generator with this, ensuring no fumes, no noise, and renewable charging. More environmentally friendly, via X-Boost technology, it can power almost all your home appliances and devices up to 3,400W. It can keep your 50-inch TV running for 15 hours, recharge your laptop 32 times, or a fridge for between 14-28 hours depending on the model. You can easily monitor it via the EcoFlow app too, allowing you to control it even from afar.

Whatever your intentions, the EcoFlow Delta Max Solar Generator is a reliable way of having power in any scenario. It’s usually priced at $2,548 but as part of the Prime Day sales, it’s down to $1,679. If you’ve been waiting to buy one for a while, this huge saving is your chance. In the past, it’s dipped to $1,799 but only once and usually it costs a lot more than that.

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