One of Sony’s best PS5 headsets is discounted at Woot!

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PlayStation 5 owners who can’t decide what to get from the gaming headset deals that are available online may want to set their sights on the Sony InZone H7 wireless gaming headset. It already provides amazing value for its original price of $229, so it’s a steal at its discounted price of $138 from Amazon’s Woot, for savings of $91. There’s still a lot of days left on the offer, but it’s highly recommended that you don’t wait until the last minute before you proceed with the purchase because there’s a chance that stocks run out quickly.

Why you should buy the Sony InZone H7 wireless gaming headset

The Sony InZone H7 wireless gaming headset, which is designed for the PlayStation 5 but also compatible with the PC, is making a run at the best PS5 headsets because of its focus on sound and comfort. The gaming headset supports spatial audio, which will give you an advantage by helping you precisely determine where your enemies are located. When you’re playing multiplayer games, communication with your teammates is key, and the Sony InZone H7 will help you claim victory with its Discord-certified, clear communications through a flexible microphone that you can flip up or mute when it’s not needed.

With a battery life of up to 40 hours, a fully-charged Sony InZone H7 wireless gaming headset won’t suddenly get cut off while you’re in the middle of a gaming session. If you like playing for several hours at a time, it’s the perfect companion because it comes with a soft headband and smooth ear pads, and it also features ergonomically designed controls like most of the best gaming headsets.

If you want to squeeze even more out of your PlayStation 5, you’re going to need a top-tier gaming headset like the Sony InZone H7. It’s a pretty tempting purchase right now if you get it from Amazon’s Woot, as you’ll just have to pay $138 instead of its sticker price of $229. You’ll be able to spend the $91 in savings on more video games and accessories, but only if you act fast. The offer will run for several days, but it will get taken down earlier once stocks get sold out. If you want to add the Sony InZone H7 wireless gaming headset to your PS5 arsenal for this cheap, you should buy it now.

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