NOMVDIC’s smart portable projectors 57% off for Prime Day

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NOMVDIC R150 portable projecot used while camping anywhere.

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When you set up a projector within your home or elsewhere — like your backyard, for example — you often have to set up an external speaker nearby. That’s because, let’s face it, the built-in speakers on most projectors are barely passable. They’re not loud, they don’t produce good sound, and they’re probably the worst part of the entire experience. Isn’t it about time for a better solution, one that merges excellent audio and video? NOMVDIC agrees, a brand dedicated to enhancing home entertainment experiences through more immersive technologies. Of particular note are the brands X300 and R150 projectors, both of which offer similar experiences yet on two opposite ends of the spectrum.

As part of the Prime Day libations, NOMVDIC is currently offering some amazing deals on its portable projectors right now. On July 12th, the X300 smart portable speaker and projector, originally priced at $1,099, will be featured in a lightning deal, dropping to its lowest price ever at just $479, which results in an impressive savings of 57% off the original price. But the savings don’t stop there. NOMVDIC’s R150 smart portable LED projector is also on sale, once $399, but now a more affordable $249 – saving you 37%. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals, and for more info on what they have to offer you and your entertainment experiences, keep reading.

The X300 emphasizes beautiful aesthetics and design to harmoniously blend with your home’s interiors. It’s stylish and functional but still offers a degree of portability thanks to a built-in battery. The R150, on the other hand, accentuates that portability by not only adhering to a compact design but also lightweight features to complement its transportable nature. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each of them different and why they’re going to change the way we all experience projectors.

The X300 smart portable speaker and projector

NOMVDIC X300 portable projector and speaker lifestyle image on table.

The first thing you’ll notice about the X300 is that it’s a looker. Through a unique fusion of technology and aesthetics, NOMVDIC has created a retro-inspired yet delightfully modern feel. As a projector, it can create up to a 110-inch screen just about anywhere with a full HD 1080P resolution. It can also be used to project a screen onto the ceiling, not just walls.

The high visual fidelity is thanks to its expertly-crafted entertainment technology but also a 10,000mAh built-in battery that lasts for up to 3 hours of use on a single charge — in Bluetooth speaker mode exclusively, it will last for up to 6 hours. Sound by Harman Kardon and dual 16-watt speakers means the audio will be just as rich and captivating as the video.

Additional features include the option to use your smartphone as an alternative remote control, access to WiFi, a USB-C port for use even with the Nintendo Switch, and the ability to use it as a standalone Bluetooth speaker. You can also connect Bluetooth headphones if you’re watching something a little more private. It even has HDMI support so you can plug in streaming media players and devices, such as Amazon’s Fire Stick or any of Roku’s devices. By using them, you gain access to a comprehensive selection of apps, including most of your favorites. Imagine watching your favorite movies and shows anywhere?

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The R150 smart portable LED projector

NOMVDIC R150 product image and close up.

The R150 really changes up the game by being ultra-portable. With it, you can have instant entertainment gratification in any space. It features a short throw ratio via a tripod-free setup, and it can project on the ceiling — it creates a 100-inch screen from just 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) away. In other words, you can create a screen that rivals even the best-equipped movie theaters anywhere you want and at a moment’s notice.

The 90-degree rotating lens is what makes it possible to project video onto the ceiling and offers a lot of fun for families. Imagine exploring the stars with your little ones or catching a riveting bedtime story. The flexible lens just needs a little twist to project on the open space you like, wall or ceiling. No extra equipment is needed. The built-in battery, included carrying bag, and power bank compatibility add to its extreme versatility.

When it comes to audio, NOMVDIC doesn’t disappoint. Integrated stereo speakers, customized by Harman Kardon, deliver exceptional audio and room-filling sound for cinematic movies, live concerts, sporting events, and much more. It will feel like you’re there, in the moment, with pure audio that can’t be found in comparable projectors. Plus, you can always use the R150 as a Bluetooth speaker, casting your favorite tunes or podcasts for a louder experience. And the battery lasts for up to 4 hours during video playback, which is extended to 7 hours when used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Additional features include USB-C streaming, the ability to use a mobile app as a remote control, wireless mirroring, and auto keystone correction.

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What makes NOMVDIC projectors stand out?

On paper, or on screen really, these projectors may sound a lot like other models on the market, but there are some stark differences in form and function. For starters, both the X300 and R150 are portable and extremely so. That’s thanks to a lightweight design, built-in battery, and smart features — like built-in wireless connectivity — so you can use them anywhere, anytime. Then there are the beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing designs, with the X300 taking the lead thanks to its intricately retro-inspired design.

But let’s take a moment and imagine taking out one of those projectors anywhere and casting 100-inch screens onto an available surface, wall, or ceiling. You’re truly cable-free, with access to all of the latest entertainment and exceptional audio by Harman Kardon. It’s the ultimate movie-goers’ experience, except you don’t have to go to the movies anymore to get it. You can set it up in minutes in your home or outside. You can’t put a price on an experience like that.

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