Loving 'Kuch Ankahi'? We recommend you to check out this PTV drama 'Tum Se Kehna Tha' - The Current

Loving ‘Kuch Ankahi’? We recommend you to check out this PTV drama ‘Tum Se Kehna Tha’

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‘Kuch Ankahi’ has made an indelible mark on the Pakistani entertainment industry, for tackling sensitive issues like marriage pressure, body shaming, as well as infidelity. However, many audience members won’t know that the writer as well as the actor who plays the dad in the drama, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, has written countless scripts for film and television, including the iconic PTV drama ‘Tum Se Kehna Tha’ which was his debut effort.

Directed by the brilliant Sahira Kazmi, the drama is an adaptation of the Hollywood rom-com ‘While You Were Sleeping’ which is about a young woman, who is accidently mistaken to be the fiancée of a man in a coma. The drama is incredibly funny, with powerful performances by actors Marina Khan and Ali Haider, and if our audiences are hung up on the fact that there are no good dramas out there that outshine the way ‘Kuch Ankahi’ did, here are some reasons why they should definitely check out this cult classic.

1 The powerful chemistry between Hira (played by Khan) and Bilal (played by Haider)

Hira and Bilal are feuding opposites in the beginning of the drama, because the family completely takes her in once they find out she was Saad’s (played by Farhan Ali Agha) fiancee, but Bilal opposes this because he suspects that she is telling a lie. As the episodes progress, their rivalry turns into friendship and then in to love, giving us a healthy and meaningful relationship.

2 Powerful women lead the drama

Powerful, witty Hira immediately captures the hearts of the audience, especially due to the exceptional acting shown by Marina Khan. Hira works in a travel agency under her boss who was her late father’s best friend, and is like father figure to her. She has everything that any woman would want: friends, an apartment and lots of wealth, but deep down, Hira longs for a family so she won’t remain alone. If fans of ‘Kuch Ankahi’ love the sisters and their fierce devotion and dedication to each other, then they will love the way Hira loves and defends her family members, helps her sister in law tackle with the grief from divorce, and especially how drama refuses to pit women against each other.

3 Debunks the stereotype that divorced women can never find happiness

‘Kuch Ankahi’ has definately engaged Pakistani audiences with its refreshing script that provided us with complex female characters who refuse to be dictated around by patriarchal expectations, then they would also find ‘Tum Se Kehna Tha’ addictive because in the same manner, it engages with the societal disgrace that divorcees often face. Through the journey of Meher (played by Seemi Pasha), a divorced woman who is still recovering from the betrayal of her first marriage, she learns to empower herself through becoming friends with Hira, and forming a friendship with Sajjad, another divorcee who encourages her to keep living her best life.

4 Humorous and engaging side characters

A lot of times one of the biggest criticisms of Pakistani dramas has been that the side characters are incredibly dense, and limited to only showing up to push the main lead’s story forward. However the brilliance of Syed Mohammad Ahmed is that in his scripts, each character is interesting and keeps us engaged with the show. In ‘Kuch Ankahi’, fans are in love with the Tiktok star Neeha who is the househelp’s daughter, or Shakeel, the clumsy nephew. In a similar way, in ‘Tumse Ye Kehna Tha’ side characters like the neighbour Gringo or Buwa who add to the humor of the drama.



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