K-pop meets horror in Netflix’s trailer for Mask Girl

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If you don’t know who Mask Girl is yet, then you’re about to find out. Thanks to the success of Squid Game and other shows, more South Korean series are heading to Netflix this year, including Mask Girl. This show is based on Mae Mi’s Mask Girl webcomic, and it follows a woman named Kim Mo-Mi through three different periods in her life. K-pop singer and actress Nana headlines the series as the young Kim Mo-mi, whose natural face remains hidden in the trailer below. Mo-Mi always felt self-conscious about her looks, which is why she adopted her Mask Girl persona and hid her face behind a mask. After plastic surgery, Mo-Mi is stunningly beautiful, but for currently unrevealed reasons, Mo-Mi’s alter ego is apparently a murderer who has blood on her hands.

Mask Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

What drove Mo-Mi to kill? That question isn’t addressed in the footage, but we do learn that she exposed her own activities by live-streaming them. And while hiding her face allows Mo-Mi to get away with murder for a while, it apparently dosen’t last. Go Hyun-jung plays an older Mo-Mi, who is arrested for her crimes and sent to prison. And yet she remains nostalgic for the murderous life she left behind.

Nana and an unknown actress in the title role of Mask Girl.

Netflix has indicated that the actress portraying Mo-Mi’s Mask Girl persona has yet to be revealed. That means there are three actresses playing the same character on this show.

Nana in Mask Girl.

This is Nana as Mo-Mi’s showgirl persona, A-reum.

Go Hyun-Jung in Mask Girl.

In the apparent flash-forwards, Go Hyun-jung’s older Mo-Mi is now simply known as Prisoner Number 1047.

Mask Girl's title character, as portrayed by an unknown actress.

And this is Mo-Mi’s final persona, the enigmatic Mask Girl herself. The actress player her is currently unknown.

Ahn Jae-hong also stars in the series alongside Yeom Hye-ran, and Choi Daniel, with Lee Jun-young making a special appearance. Kim Yong-hoon created the series.

Mask Girl will premiere on Netflix on August 18.

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