How to unlock suits in Exoprimal

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Exosuits are essentially your class in Exoprimal. There are three main classes — Assault, Tank, and Support — with each one having three or four choices of Exosuits within those classes that all function differently. An easy comparison would be the think of the suits as different heroes in a game like Overwatch 2. However, of the 10 Exosuits in the game at launch, three will be locked if you didn’t purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. While you could pay your way to unlock them, there is a way to earn them all for free. Here’s how to unlock all the Exosuits in Exoprimal.

A lineup of all the exosuits with colored backgrounds.


How to unlock each Exosuit

The three locked Exosuits are the Numbus, Murusame, and Vigilant. They all follow the same basic method to unlock, but will come one at a time.

Step 1: Play Exoprimal as normal in any mode and start earning player levels and BikCoins.

Step 2: After reaching Player Rank 20, you can purchase Nimbus for the Support class for 5,000 BikCoins.

Step 3: Reaching Player Rank 30 will unlock Murusame in the Assault class, again for 5,000 BiKCoins.

Step 4: Make it all the way up to Rank 40 and pay 5,000 BiKCoins for Vigilant, which will be your last Tank suit.

Step 5: If you want to skip the grind, you can just go to the shop and buy the Head Start Kit for $15.

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