How to Optimize Your Amazon Keyword Tracking for Mobile Shoppers

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The “exact phrases” that customers type into the Amazon search field are known as keywords. Utilizing keywords related to your Amazon goods on your website forces Amazon’s algorithm to find your pages more quickly and rank you higher. This is the rationale behind why selecting the right keywords is an essential stage in creating a website, web page, or Amazon marketplace. So, in this article let’s know how to optimize Amazon Keyword Tracking for mobile shoppers.

How To Optimize Amazon Keyword Tracking For Mobile Shoppers:

Online sales on tablets and smartphones are becoming more significant. Many clients now choose to shop on their mobile devices, and the number of mobile users grows daily. The goal of mobile device optimization for Amazon products is to increase more traffic and therefore more sales for your products. Your rankings on mobile and desktop both rise as a result of better mobile performance. So, let’s know how to optimize Amazon Keyword Tracking for mobile shoppers.

Research Keywords:

Investigating Amazon keywords is the first step in optimizing your listing. These key phrases or terms are entered by customers into search fields when they are seeking a product. Incorporate long-tail keywords, which are frequently more precise and receive fewer searches. Short-tail keywords with higher search volume and competition should also be included. Both kinds of keywords are crucial components of your Amazon SEO plan.

Optimize Key Features:

The “bullet points” or “key features” are crucial for ensuring that your product appears higher in search results. This section’s major goal is to make sure you communicate effectively and provide pertinent information that aids clients in making purchasing decisions. Both the benefits and the characteristics of your product should be made very clear. Last but not least, make sure you adhere to the regulations and instructions for writing your essential features.

Optimize Product Titles:

The main goal of Amazon SEO is to optimize your Amazon listing, beginning with the headline. You can use your keywords now that you have them.

The most significant element of your page is your product title. Since it is the first thing people see, it ought to contain your most important keywords. Your title can be between 150 and 200 characters long, depending on your category. The suggested length is 80 characters to allow for mobile device display of the title. While packing as many characters into your title as you can, make sure it makes sense.

[Brand] + [Product] + [Top Feature] + [Model or Size] + [Colour] is the standard format for a title. The most crucial information is presented first in this arrangement. Even if the text is partially obscured by the device they are using, people still see it. Don’t waste any space in your title because you have very little control over a number of elements that could affect your click-through rate. One of the few things you can control is this.

Optimize Image:

Another factor that can genuinely attract pre-click attention is your image. Additionally, they view your default product image. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words; a good picture conveys a lot about your professionalism, dependability, and the caliber of your offering. It results in clicks as well.

The importance of high-quality photographs increases once a user reaches your listing. People prefer to examine items closely, especially since they can’t touch them when they buy them online and returns are more difficult. You can only use high-resolution images on Amazon because customers can zoom in on the pictures there.

What sort of photos ought to be used? People enjoy viewing items from various perspectives, to start with. Make sure to capture every crevice on camera. Additionally, you should use decent lighting and a background that is completely white.

Product Description:

Another place where your keywords will stand out is here. You must cover all of the crucial characteristics that consumers want, as well as the various methods in which they are described.

When viewing the description on a mobile device, a block with bullet points is presented directly above it. On the desktop, the description, however, first shows on the product page after the bullet points.

Your positioning provides the description more weight on mobile and affects conversion rates similarly to the bullet points. On a mobile device, a compelling description is even more crucial. The conversion rate may be improved by placing it in a block along with the bullet points if the two components work well together.

Mobile Experience:

Make sure your product listings are simple to read on mobile devices. Keep your writing succinct to pack more information into less space. To make your information skimmable, use shorter sentences and break up any lengthy paragraphs (if you’re not using bullet points).

In your title, Amazon advises staying under 80 characters and avoiding special characters. Use abbreviations like “cm,” “oz,” “kg,” or “in” to condense content and adhere to the recommended number of characters.

Verify that your photographs are high-resolution and present well at close range. For the fastest loading times, you should also optimize your picture files.

Use Bullet Points:

Identify your top 3 bullet points and put them in positions 1 through 3 for a higher conversion rate so that mobile clients may view them right on the product page.


An appreciative client makes the best salesperson. When talking about your goods, consumers place more trust in other consumers than they do in you.

Moreover, reviews are quite important for Amazon SEO. Your product will rank higher than similar products with fewer or less favorable reviews if you have a large number of positive ratings.

Customers now read customer reviews while looking up businesses, up from 60% in 2016. Encourage customers to post reviews to increase your trustworthiness.


Your sales could be made or lost depending on how you list your products on Amazon. You want to make sure that your product listing stands out among the millions of other products on Amazon. Amazon faces fierce competition, but this is to be expected from the largest eCommerce market with the highest quality of customers. Investing some time in enhancing your Amazon SEO will undoubtedly result in improved organic and paid results, regardless of whether you’re already dominating Amazon or are just getting started in your sector. Start using these suggestions, and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your performance.




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