How to beat Mother Mind in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 comes with a pretty substantial number of bosses to take on across its various biomes, and some playthroughs will yield different encounters than others. So if you come across The Nameless Nest in Yaesha during your travels, you’ll soon find yourself facing off against an optional boss named Mother Mind. This huge creature looks pretty scary, and if you’re not sure how to handle the fight, it can put an end to the battle quite quickly by making you fall to your death. However, we’ll share with you some tips for taking on Mother Mind and making the most of its big, ugly weak spot so you can drop this monster and get on with your business.

How to beat Mother Mind

Mother Mind is a mix between a standard DPS-driven boss battle and a mechanics-based encounter, meaning you’ll need to dish out plenty of damage while also watching out for the enemy’s special move that can send you spiraling down to an instant death. Because of this, be sure you’re prepared to stay mobile and understand how to sprint and jump before entering the door to the creature, as you’re going to be doing a lot of both.

The boss battle against Mother Mind takes place in a large, circular arena with a total of four stone platforms. You’ll walk through the door facing the boss, and you can instantly begin firing at the cross-shaped weak spot on his face, getting in as much damage as possible right off the rip. If you have the Hot Shot weapon mod (or any mod that will grant additional damage per bullet), the beginning of this fight is a great time to pop it and move things along.

Three characters shoot at a boss in Remnant 2.

You have two primary attacks to look out for. The first attack will see Mother Mind frequently slam its arm down and rake it forward on the stone platform, so just roll out of the way to avoid this attack. A spinning attack will come occasionally, too, which you’ll need to roll through or jump over to keep from taking damage, but it takes nearly perfect timing, so make sure to find a moment and heal if you end up getting hit.

When Mother Mind reaches about 75% health, it will ascend into the air and become temporarily invulnerable. During this period of time, you’ll have only moments to run and jump to another platform before the boss slams down and destroys the one you were previously standing on. After jumping over to a new platform, use any extra time you have to kill the additional floating enemies in the arena, then be prepared to reengage Mother Mind as soon as it gets turned around to face you again.

Every time you knock off about 25% more of its health, the boss will repeat the process of destroying the platform below you, so keep jumping to a new one, clearing enemies, and then wailing on that weak spot some more. After enough time, Mother Mind will eventually fall, and your victory will earn you the Cordyceps Gland. You can take this item to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Tremor weapon mod.

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