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LG CordZero all in one stick vacuum with auto empty dock.

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It may be spring that is known for cleaning, but summer has its own challenges and things to look out for. Mud tracked in the house, children home without school creating twice the mess, and other such troubles can make the whole thing an extreme mess. Overall, it makes summer the ideal time to get a super powerful vacuum cleaner (with a power mop attachment) to keep your floors looking extra clean. A vacuum like the LG CordZero. And, if you do so now, you’ll get the chance to get the V-TOTALCARE LG Vacuum Cleaning Tools and Attachments add-on for free. It’s a $150 value worth of extras that will make one of the most powerful cleaning tools — it’s the human-powered rival to the best robot vacuums with mops — fully complete and ready to tackle any situation.

Why you should buy the CordZero Vacuum with Auto Empty & Power Mop

The Digital Trends’ review of the LG CordZero labelled it as one of the best vacuums you could get and for no one reason. In one moment we were amazed by its powerful suction, while the next we marveled at its lightweight design that somehow had great internal storage. For example, you could pull out the added mop segment right from the vacuum. With a battery life that ranges from approximately two hours (weakest suction, handheld mode) to 12 minutes (turbo suction, telescoping wand), you can easily get a big job done in one go so long as you adjust your settings as necessary.

And with this bundle you can get the V-TOTALCARE LG Vacuum Cleaning Tools and Attachments bonus kit for free. It includes five additional cleaning heads, which includes a flexible crevice tool and a mult-angle tool. Also included are tool with brush tops so you can force debris on soft surfaces to be sprung up into the vacuum spout. Overall, it gives the great vacuum a more complete finish.

So, while this offer lasts, grab your LG CordZero and get the V-TOTALCARE LG Vacuum Cleaning Tools and Attachments add-on for free. That’s a $150 value. Alternatively, decide its all too much work and peruse our fine selection of robot vacuum deals.

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