Bose Speaker Deals: Save on Soundbars and Bluetooth Speakers

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Look, it’s obvious there are a ton of amazing TV deals floating around at any given time. But if you want to have a true home theater, with exceptional video and audio, you’ll need to pair it with a comparable surround system or soundbar. They can make or break your viewing experience, turning underwhelming explosions and action scenes into booming, realistic depictions. Ever want to hear those fighter jets from Top Gun fly overhead? Now’s your chance, because we’ve rounded up the best of best Bose speaker deals — a company well-known for its incredible audio gear.

Today’s best Bose speaker and soundbar deals

Our top pick for a soundbar deal is the

for $220, saving you $60. Another consideration is portable audio, which you can bring and use anywhere, thanks to the right portable Bluetooth speaker. That allows you to listen to some tunes while working, doing yardwork, hanging around outside, or during any activity you can think of. Bose offers portable speakers with exceptional audio, too. Our top pick for a portable and lightweight go-anywhere speaker is the

for $100, saving you $20. You’ll find that deal, and more, below.

When is the best time to shop Bose speaker deals?

Being honest, one of the best times to shop for electronics deals, including the best Bose speaker and soundbar deals, is during the holiday shopping season. Outside of that season, which includes Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, there are other sales events, too. Amazon’s Prime Day is an excellent example, and not just because Amazon has deals — other retailers take part in the festivities too, like Walmart, Best Buy, and a few others.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t shop the deals that are available now. In fact, sometimes you can find better deals throughout the year. The trick is to just keep your eye on what you want and the fluctuating prices. We have seen some of the lowest prices on gear, like Bose equipment, randomly spaced throughout the year. It’s not always best to wait for the holiday shopping season, and some retailers even increase prices ahead of events to make items look like they’re on sale for more than they really are. If you see a deal here that you like, grab it, because they won’t last long and there are no guarantees the prices will be good again later on in the year.

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