Best Prime Day deals: 46 top offers you can shop today

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The Prime Day deals have finally landed, and they aren’t just at Amazon: Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are having sales of their own right now, bringing discounts on everything from must-have electronics to kitchen essentials, and even groceries. Navigating all of the different products on offer, and deciding which to buy, can naturally be a bit of a challenge, but we’re here to help: We’ve rounded up all of the very best Prime Day deals you can shop right now, in one neat list, with a little bow on top. So, sit back, start scrolling, and have your credit card handy in case you find something you like the look of.

Prime Day Laptop Deals by Type

Today’s best Prime Day deals

And just like that, you’ve made it to our list of the best Prime Day deals. If you aren’t in the scrolling mood, the very best offer you can shop today is a brand new 50-inch 4K TV for under $200 at Walmart. It’s made by Walmart’s own brand Onn and runs Roku’s smart software to boot, which offers one-click access to all the leading streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, without the need to hook up a streaming stick like an Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s also a 4K TV, which means it’s four times the resolution than the HDTV you probably have now (translation: that’s a much clearer image).

The Apollo wearable – $289, was $349

Apollo wearable Neuro on arm sponsored tag

Designed to improve and reinforce your body’s resistance to stress, the Apollo wearable is a valuable addition to anyone’s lifestyle. It allows you to experience deeper focus, more relaxation, improved sleep, and better recovery from your day-to-day. Unlike other wearables, Apollo actively improves your health through low-frequency sound waves, felt as soothing vibrations, rather than serving up data tracking, metrics, and scores. Put one on, and pretty soon, you’ll feel more energized, better rested, and ready to take on the world.

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LG CordZero A9 Ultimate cordless stick vacuum – $999 + Free Total Care Kit

LG CordZero A9 Ultimate cordless stick vacuum sponsored tag

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate isn’t just a cordless stick vacuum, but it’s also a mop and comes with an auto-empty tower. On top of all that, it utilizes Kompressor technology to deliver powerful suction and clean up stubborn messes. The 5-step filtration ensures all of the dust and debris that’s being sucked up stays inside – trapping up to 99.9% of dirt and nasties in the dustbin. Plus, the nozzle-based design means you can swap out any number of accessories to get a better or more precise clean in various situations. That’s great news, too, because for Prime Day, LG is offering a FREE Total Care Kit when you buy the A9 Ultimate. That kit includes several accessories and usually costs $150.

Do other retailers have Prime Day deals?

Yes! While Prime Day itself is obviously an Amazon exclusive, many other retailers run their own sales during the same time period. It’s all in a bid to capture the excitement of sales time which often means we all end up looking around for great deals. While those retailers may not have as big a sale as they might around Black Friday, it’s still worth seeing what’s out there.

Typically, we see Best Buy and Walmart run their own sales events during Prime Day week. Usually, these sales have their own names to make them stand out from Amazon’s way of doing things. Similar items tend to be part of the sale including TVs, smartwatches, headphones, cooking gadgets, and a heap more too.

Other retailers like Dell and HP are also likely to have sales on around Prime Day 2023. While these will focus on laptops and PCs, if you’re looking for such a system or a new monitor or similar, you’re sure to save big by searching around and seeing what works best for your budget and needs. Generally, don’t be afraid to see what’s out there during the Prime Day event or the week surrounding it either. There should be some excellent bargains around.

Are Prime Day deals only for Prime subscribers?

For the most part, yes Prime Day deals are only for Prime members. While some deals tend to be available for all customers during Prime Day, they don’t tend to be as great a discount as they would be for a Prime member. It’s a really good idea to sign up for Amazon Prime in time for the Prime Day sale. Amazon Prime costs $15 per month or $139 a year so it may not always be good value to pursue this route, depending on the discount you’re seeking.

Fortunately, there is an Amazon Prime free trial if you haven’t used it before. It gives you a month’s worth of access to Prime including all the benefits like Prime Video, but most importantly, means you can check out the Prime Day 2023 sale just like if you were a regular subscriber. Just remember to cancel it before the month is up and you won’t pay a cent for the service.

Of course, Amazon Prime Day deals might be exclusive to Prime members but that’s not the case for any other retailer putting on a sale. If you don’t want to sign up for Amazon Prime or have already used a free trial, you can still check out the sales that retailers like Best Buy or Walmart are hosting at the same time. In some cases, discounts could be the same so you won’t miss out by doing so.

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