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Tubi is one of a growing list of free streaming services with a twist: you can access tons of movies and TV shows, including live channels, but with short ads. Considered an advertising video on demand (AVOD) service, it’s one of many free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) services. And the short ads on Tubi mean you can watch totally for free. Considering many of the bigger streaming services are offering ad-supported tiers for a small fee (though they include original content as well), services like Tubi are gaining steam as a viable alternative, or addition, to your paid streaming subscription services.

You won’t find the latest blockbuster movies on Tubi, nor will you find the hottest new TV shows. But if you want to check out an old movie here and there, or tap into an old show, it’s a nice option to have. Since you don’t need to pay, it’s really simple to access, too. The best movies on Tubi include both old classics, newish films, and content spanning every genre.

Looking for more? We have also rounded up the best shows on Tubi.

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