Best Buy 48-hour flash sale discounts Dyson cordless vacuums

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Best Buy’s 48-hour flash sale includes price cuts for various models of Dyson cordless vacuums, so if you’ve had an eye on these cleaning devices for a while, now’s your chance to get one for much cheaper than usual. There are a lot of options to choose from though, so we’ve gathered our favorite Dyson deals to help you with your decision. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute of the sale to make your purchase because stocks may be gone by then, so if you see an offer that you like, you should buy it immediately.

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin — $300, was $400

Someone using the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum.

The Dyson V7 Advanced Origin is one of the brand’s more affordable cordless vacuums, but it still has what it takes to keep your whole home clean with its powerful suction and whole-machine filtration that captures pet allergens and fine dust while expelling clean air. The cordless vacuum also features a detangling Motorbar cleaner head, which deep cleans carpets and hard floors while clearing pet hair from the brush bar using hair removal vanes. It quickly switches to a handheld vacuum with one click, and it can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

Dyson V11 Extra — $500, was $650

Someone using the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum.

The Dyson V11 Extra also comes with the detangling Motorbar cleaner head, in addition to the hair screw tool with a conical brush bar that’s designed to clean upholstery and pet beds. The cordless vacuum comes with an LCD screen that displays its different power modes, maintenance alerts, and remaining run time out of the maximum 60 minutes that you can get from a single charge. It also converts easily to a handheld vacuum, which can also use the nine accessories that are included in the box.

Dyson V15 Detect Extra — $650, was $800

Dyson V15 Detect

If you want nothing but the best cordless vacuum deals, you’ll want to go for something like the Dyson V15 Detect Extra. It comes with the detangling Motorbar cleaner head and hair screw tool with a conical brush bar for complete cleaning, in addition to a whole-machine filtration system and a 60-minute run time. What sets the Dyson V15 Detect Extra apart is that it uses a laser to reveal invisible dust on hard floors. You’ll see how much of the particles the cordless vacuum has picked up on its LCD screen, which also shows the power mode, maintenance alerts, and remaining run time.

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