All Charms in Dave the Diver and what they do

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Upgrading and getting new gear is the main way you will progress through Dave the Diver. Your suit, storage, weapons, and more are what will let you explore ever deeper into the Blue Hole, however, there are other ways to improve yourself outside of those means.

Charms are unique items you can earn or receive as rewards that each grant you a unique buff. You are free to swap them around as you wish, but can only equip two at any one time. With 10 in total to get, having access to all of them gives you a lot of options to tailor your diving experience based on your current goals or playstyle. Here are all the Charms in Dave the Diver, how to get them, and what they do.

All Dave the Diver Charms

A description of the octopus bracelet in Dave the Diver.

Most of the 10 Charms are obtained by completing missions, but a few are locked behind reaching specific levels at Bluehole Research & Protection. You can equip them by accessing the yellow box while on your boat before diving into the water. Since you can’t swap them after jumping in the Blue Hole, make sure you pick the right ones for the job at hand.

Dolphin Necklace

  • Increases dash speed by 30%

Your dash is a key movement ability, and 30% is quite a large boost to your speed if you need to outrun a dangerous predator. The Dolphin Necklace is a reward for completing the “Defeat Pirates” mission.

Octopus Bracelet

  • Use Left Ctrl to dash a short distance. No oxygen is used, but the gauge needs to fill again for the ability to be reused!

Oxygen management is critical in Dave the Diver, so any movement options that don’t suck up more of your valuable air are worth considering. This is a reward for beating the “Strange Coral” mission.

Sea People Bracelet

  • Survive for a certain period after running out of oxygen.

Speaking of air, normally you’re out of luck once your tanks hit empty. With this bracelet, you get just a few extra moments to either find some air or make it back to your pod. Collect it by completing the “Beyond the Rock Pile” mission.

Sea People Necklace

  • Allows you to travel through tubeworm tunnels.

Normally you would need to use either a UV light or attack to get through these dangerous tunnels, but you can safely swim right on through if you’ve got this necklace on. It is a reward for beating the “Deliver Key to Tenzhin” mission.

Octopus Charm

  • Extra 15% of gun base damage added

Don’t let the cuteness of this charm fool you. Guns are already among the most powerful weapons in Dave the Diver, and stacking an extra 15% of their base damage on top is devastating. Beat the “Octopus Returns” mission to get this buff.

Shark Teeth Necklace

  • Increases the base damage of a Harpoon Gun by 15%

Guns are great, but your Harpoon Gun is your most trusty weapon in most cases. Why not give it some extra oomph with this charm by beating the “Revenge Time” mission?

Eco Poison Resist Bracelet

  • Increases poison resistance.

Status effects, no matter what game they’re in, are never fun. If you reach level two at Bluehole Research & Protection you can better avoid getting poisoned while diving.

Eco Health Bracelet

  • Reduces damage taken by 10%

Let’s face it: No matter how skilled a diver you are, you’re going to get hit now and then. That 10% reduction in damage adds up fast and could mean life or death in the deeper regions. You’ll get this great charm by reaching level three at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Gemstone Bracelet

  • Increases the amount of minerals acquired by mining.

Aside from catching fish, collecting resources is an important part of Dave the Diver, especially for upgrades. If you need to grind out gathering any minerals, slap on this charm you get after reaching level four Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Waterproof bag

  • Increases weight limit by 30 kg.

Alongside air, you will be constantly managing your weight on every dive you take. The more weight you can carry, the more fish and materials you can scoop up in a single dive, making this almost undeniably the best Charm in the game. You’ll first need to get to level five Bluehole Research & Protection to get it, though, so don’t expect it early on.

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