4 Ways to Operate a FireStick without a Remote

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The Amazon FireStick is indeed a very well-known and useful gadget. Not many rivals can compete with Amazon’s backbone which offers open access to its streaming inventory and all the applications you could ever want. 

It comes with a remote control which is a convenient addition. However, what should you do if you misplaced your Fire TV remote during your relocation, or there are apps that are not operable through the remote or, perhaps, if your dog found how enjoyable it is to rip off that soft-touch coating? 

It may come off as a surprise but you don’t necessarily need a remote control to operate the FireStick. In today’s post we go over the alternatives for the Amazon remote control. Keep in mind the suggestions provided below and if you ever happen to misplace the remote, you’ll have a solution at hand. 

  1. The Amazon Fire TV Application 

If you find yourself particularly lazy and don’t want to look for the remote control, the Amazon Fire TV application is a wonderful alternative. It’s a pretty straightforward, uncomplicated software that provides all the keys you’ll need to handle video material, modify the Fire TV’s settings, and even give commands to Alexa and direct her to look for series , or connect the FireStick to the soundbar for better audio experience. 

Along with its apparent use, the software can be used for more than merely imitating the function of a remote. You can oversee your audio recordings from the application, and in certain instances you can even check what’s currently on those channels.

  1. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot 

The more apparent choice is, of course, to operate the FireStick with one of Amazon’s other linked devices, but a standard TV remote will also function just fine; which is covered in the section that follows. 

You can just put in an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and provide instructions like some sort of cyborg deity. This is very convenient since all of these gadgets connect to your Amazon profile and have the Alexa virtual assistant integrated. 

In case you are already a part of the Amazon habitat, this is definitely the finest option. However if having to yell to switch the channel becomes tedious, any of the conventional remote control methods suggested below should be helpful.

  1. Your TV Remote 

Controlling your FireStick with your TV’s included remote would be quite the cool trick, right? Fortunately, a new HDMI standard is being developed that intends to include this function in the HDMI interface. 

If you have the correct hardware, this strategy can “just work” in a rather amazing way, despite the fact that it looks almost too good to be true. Consumer Electronics Control, or CEC, is a protocol that enables one of the HDMI cable’s ports to be utilized to convey user inputs or commands across and down the HDMI cable.  

When you attach the FireStick to the rear of the receiver with CEC enabled and configure the system, your remote control will immediately function when you switch to the HDMI input. Not every button will function as you would expect it to, but the basic controls like select, and management issues should all be sufficient for basic system navigation. 

You can also use Mouse toggle when app is not remote friendly, to enhance the functionality. This is also an amazing option offered by this method so you don’t miss out on convenience. 

  1. A Universal Remote Control 

The traditional method of obtaining a universal remote control is another option. This is an ideal option as you won’t need to learn any HDMI requirements, such as the previously mentioned CEC, or rely on any other HDMI hacks to achieve the one-remote experience. 

The original brute-force method of synchronizing all your gadgets to a single remote is via universal remotes, however how do you figure out if a particular remote is compatible with the FireStick? The good thing is that interoperability will be included in the item’s description, so finding a solution that is suitable for you shouldn’t take too much time.


You can dictate how you enjoy watching TV in a greater number of ways than before as a customer. Thankfully, there are many solutions for getting around a missing remote. 

Use the alternatives described in this post before deciding to acquire a replacement remote, which may cost more than the FireStick itself. Each alternative just necessitates a few easy steps, so you won’t waste any time getting back to enjoying your preferred shows.




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