What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in August 2023

[ad_1] Amazon Prime Video doesn’t always tout it, but the streamer’s deals with Paramount and Universal Pictures mean that some of this year’s theatrical releases are coming to Prime Video after brief runs on Paramount+ and Peacock. This month, that applies to the sleeper hit, Cocaine Bear, and the surprisingly well-executed Dungeons & Dragons: Honor […]

What’s new on Paramount+ in August 2023

[ad_1] Depending upon which tier you subscribe to, Paramount+ can be a very different experience. The standard tier is the Paramount+ that you remember, including original shows and classic movies interrupted by commercials. The highest tier, Paramount+ with Showtime, offers more movies and more original shows, including the seventh season of the acclaimed Showtime series, […]

What’s the Difference Between RTB, PMPs and Programmatic Direct?

[ad_1] Understanding programmatic advertising can indeed be a complex task. Thus, we aim to clarify the distinctions among the three primary forms of programmatic advertising: Real-time Bidding, Private Marketplace, and Programmatic Direct. How does real-time bidding work? Real-Time Bidding is an automated auction process, allowing advertisers to compete for the opportunity to deliver personalized ads […]