How to set up a HomePod mini

[ad_1] Apple’s HomePod mini is a smart speaker that’s designed as more of a personal assistant and music device than a whole-house speaker hub. This little speaker is ready to work within your entire Apple ecosystem, but you have to set it up properly first. Our guide will go through everything you should know and […]

How to set up Ring motion zones

[ad_1] If you’re getting too many unwanted Ring alerts, it might be time to customize your Ring motion zones. This feature lets you tell your Ring video doorbell which areas of your front yard to monitor — if motion happens beyond these zones, it’ll be ignored. It’s most useful for homes in busy neighborhoods with […]

How to set a sleep timer on Apple TV

[ad_1] Apple’s annual software updates always bring a slew of new features. And the update for Apple TV to tvOS 17 (currently in public beta) is no exception to that. But one new feature we want to highlight is one we’ve been clamoring for — well, pretty much forever. You can now, finally, set a […]