Samsung just slashed the price of this massive 85-inch 4K TV

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The Samsung 70-inch Class 7 Series 4K TV in a living room.

Even though Prime Day is over, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many great Samsung TV deals you can still take advantage of. For example, this massive 85-inch Samsung CU7000 4K TV, which usually goes for $1,300, but can be yours for just $1,200 today. Even though that’s not a substantial discount, an 85-inch TV for a little over $1,000 is an impressive price coming from Samsung, which doesn’t make many budget-oriented TVs.

Why you should buy the 85-inch Samsung CU7000 4K TV

While you might not find the most advanced panel tech on the CU7000, like OLED, it still uses a great panel that has a lot of the modern features you’d expect, such as HDR10+, which we were somewhat surprised to see at this price point on such a big screen. Of course, the whole thing plays in 4k, which might cause some screen door effect given the lower pixel density, but since it’s 85 inches, you’re not likely to be sitting very close to the TV anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, big TVs like this are great for playing split screen games, and while the TV’s peak refresh rate is 60Hz, that’s still perfectly fine for these types of games regardless of the console or gaming PC you’re using.

For those more interested in general entertainment like films or TV shows, we’re happy to report that the image fidelity is gorgeous. The CU700 even has a 4k image upscaler so that you can watch your older content with this TV, although be aware that the end product varies greatly with the source of the stuff you’re upscaling. The audio is also pretty excellent, with 3D surround sound support. However, if you grab a Samsung soundbar, you can take advantage of Q-Symphony, which syncs the audio and have the TV and soundbar work as one for a fuller overall sound.

All in all, the Samsung CU7000 is a great TV if you’re looking for a mid-range 85-inch TV, especially with the $1,200 price tag from Samsung. That said, if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, or if it’s too big, check out these other great TV deals.

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