Remnant 2: How to cross the floating pillars in The Lament

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If you work your way through the various maps throughout Remnant 2‘s biome of Yaesha, you may stumble upon an area called The Lament. There are a few different puzzles on this map, but perhaps the most head-scratching one is located in its depths where you’ll encounter a selection of floating pillars. If there doesn’t appear to be a solution in sight, don’t worry – we’ll fill you in on the tricks to solving this mystery.

How to cross the floating pillars in The Lament

The floating pillars in the Lament can be crossed via invisible walkways, but before you can discern which ones possess these paths, you’ll first need to look at the symbols on top of them. There are three different symbols, but only one will provide safe passage. To find out which one, you’ll need to do one of two things.

The official method would be to return to the beginning of the map and find the symbol, which is extremely easy to miss. Make your way to the very start of the gauntlet where you must evade the darts being fired at you. Turn on your flashlight and look up above the first crawlspace to spot the symbol.

The Lament's symbol in Remnant 2
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The unofficial method is to break out your gun and shoot around at the gap between you and the first set of pillars until your bullets begin to ricochet off of an invisible surface, revealing the appropriate path to you.

Floating pillars in The Lament
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Whichever option you choose, you’ll now know the appropriate symbol you need to follow. When you’re ready to cross the pillars, walk toward the one with that symbol, then continue to walk across invisible paths to the pillars that share that symbol. If you fall off and die, you’ll start back at the beginning of The Lament, so take your time and be cautious. At the bottom are a chest and a door that can only be unlocked if you’ve found Kolket’s Razor elsewhere in the dungeon and examined it to obtain Kolket’s Key.

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