Pulses prices go down after containers released from Karachi Port

Pulses prices go down after containers released from Karachi Port

KARACHI: The prices of pulses have dropped by 20 to 25 rupees per KG in Karachi and other parts of the country, citing market sources ARY News reported on Thursday.

The supply of pulses has improved across the country after release of containers stuck at Karachi Port.

Prices of Pulse Gram, Pulse Moong, Masoor and Maash have dropped by 10 to 30 rupees per KG in wholesale market.

The prices of white and black gram have also gone down by 10 to 30 rupees per KG. However, this drop in pulses and grams price yet to be witnessed in the retail market.

President of the Saddar wholesale market, Abdul Rauf, has said that 2,000 containers of pulses have been released from the port. “The prices of the commodity will further drop in Ramazan if the federal government and the State Bank continued their cooperation,” he added.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Faisal Sabzwari had announced a waiver of the port charges for the commodities.

Earlier, trade bodies had apprehended shortage of pulses in the country.

In a statement, the President of the Saddar wholesale market had warned authorities that the country would face a severe shortage of pulses, if the containers were not cleared immediately from the port.

He said that hundreds of containers were stuck at the ports due to which the prices of pulses increased by Rs100 per kg. “The government has not yet implemented its decision to waive off the port charges,” he added.


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