Pakistani rupee’s three-day winning streak ends due to delayed IMF deal – The Current

Rupee gains ground against dollar for second day, closes at Rs238

The value of the Pakistani rupee (PKR) decreased 0.45 per cent against the US dollar following a three-day period of gains due to prolonged delays in critical funding from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

During the interbank session held today, the PKR depreciated by Rs1.3 to settle at Rs279.12 per USD, compared to yesterday’s closing of Rs277.87 against USD.

Throughout the session, the local unit traded within a range of Rs1.75, reaching a high bid of Rs278.75 and a low offer of Rs277.5. In the open market, the PKR was traded at Rs277/Rs280.5 versus USD.


On the other hand, the local unit gained Rs5.1 against the Pound Sterling, with the day’s closing quote at Rs329.98 versus GBP, while the previous session closed at Rs335.11 per GBP.

Furthermore, the PKR’s value also strengthened by Rs2.9 against the EUR, which closed at Rs294.19 at the interbank today.

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