Pakistani rupee breaks winning streak, closes at Rs262.51 against dollar

Pakistani Rupee Pressure

During Tuesday’s interbank trading, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) declined and experienced losses against the dollar, reaching a low of Rs265 versus the dollar.
The rupee lost 63 paisas versus the dollar by the time markets closed, depreciating by 0.24 per cent.

The local currency commenced trading at Rs261.50 versus the US dollar with full red value. By lunchtime, the dollar had risen to about Rs264 versus the rupee. Before the interbank closure, the local currency was mostly bearish versus the top foreign currency after 1 PM.

The National Assembly passed the Finance (Supplementary) Bill, 2023, on Monday, proposing extra taxes and tariffs of Rs170 billion, ending the rupee’s five-day winning streak against the dollar and clearing the way for the staff-level deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

After its record-breaking single-day plunge of Rs25 in the latter week of January, when the rupee was finally “freed” versus the US dollar in the inter-bank market, the rupee has lost more than Rs27. The PKR has decreased by 62.99 paisas today based on observable market trends and fiscal developments.


Money exchangers claim that a further delay in the staff-level agreement with the IMF might increase pressure on the PKR as investors and exporters alike track exchange rate movements to calculate profit yields in the face of constrained revenue estimates and related import restrictions.

The rupee may appreciate until the conclusion of the current fiscal year, 2022–2023, in the event that the rescue is successful.

After obtaining a $2.5 billion loan, the IMF’s current loan programme will end on June 30, 2023. Pakistan will have to reapply for the new loan programme if necessary in the next fiscal year.

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