New WhatsApp feature makes it easy to message oneself | The Express Tribune

silhouettes of mobile users are seen next to logos of social media apps signal whatsapp and telegram projected on a screen in this picture illustration taken march 28 2018 photo reuters

WhatsApp rolled out a new feature that enables users to text themselves privately and keep valuable information safe and accessible. The ‘Message Yourself’ feature will let users send notes, reminders and shopping lists to themselves.

The feature is expected to release on iOS and Android in the coming weeks, Meta reported, as it announced the feature. After beta testers, the company has confirmed that the feature will be launched globally.

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Users’ contact will appear at the top of the contact list when creating a new chat, which will direct them to a chat screen to send messages to themselves. WhatsApp users had been employing the message yourself feature before, using the app’s ‘Click to Chat’ feature. Self-chats can also be pinned to the top of conversation lists as well.

WhatsApp rival, Signal, has already introduced a similar feature to their users, called the ‘Note to Self’ but unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t suggest texting oneself at the top of the list when creating a new message, Tech Crunch reported.

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