Missed out on a Kindle on Prime Day? They’re back on sale

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Amazon’s Kindle devices were on sale in this year’s Prime Day, but if you missed the chance to get one of the e-book readers during the shopping event, you can get them for cheap from Best Buy right now. There are less than 48 hours left before this batch of Kindle deals are taken down though, so we’ve gathered the offers here to help you make a quicker decision on which one to purchase. Once you’ve decided on the e-book reader that you want, add it to your cart and check out immediately.

Amazon Kindle (2022) — $65, was $100

Amazon Kindle (2022) in front of book stack
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The 2022 Amazon Kindle, the entry-level model of Amazon’s e-book readers, is light as a feather at just 5.56 ounces, and it’s slim enough to slide into your bag or the pocket of a hoodie or coat. The reading device features a 6-inch e-ink display with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch for sharp text and images, and with an adjustable front light and dark mode, you can read at any time of the day or night. It offers 16GB of storage space, which is enough for thousands of books, and a battery that can last up to six weeks on a single charge.

Amazon Kindle Kids (2022) — $75, was $120

A child reads outside on the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.

The 2022 Amazon Kindle Kids is a special version of the 2022 Amazon Kindle that’s designed to help build your children’s love for reading. It comes with all of the same features, including the 6-inch e-ink display with 300 ppi resolution and a six-week battery life, but this version adds a durable cover, a two-year warranty, and a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids+ service for easy access to books curated for young minds.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite — $90, was $140

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in use with the blue light filter on.
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If you’re an avid bookworm, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, with the latest version offering an improved 6.8-inch e-ink display with a 300 ppi resolution, a brighter LED, the option for dark mode, and an adjustable warm light. The e-book reader is waterproof, so you can bring it to the bathtub or the beach without worrying that it will get damaged, and it can last for up to 10 weeks on a single charge.

Amazon Kindle Oasis — $185, was $280

Kindle Oasis (2019) Review
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The Amazon Kindle Oasis sits on top of our list of the best e-book readers for several reasons, starting with its beautiful 7-inch e-ink display with a resolution of 300 ppi that makes reading very easy on the eyes. The e-book reader offers 32GB of storage space, a battery that can last up to six weeks before needing to recharge, a color-adjustable front light, and built-in ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the screen’s brightness depending on your environment.

Amazon Kindle Scribe — $320, was $420

Someone writing on the Kindle Scribe.
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The Amazon Kindle Scribe, on top of a relatively massive 10.2-inch e-ink display with a 300 ppi resolution, adds another new feature to the Kindle line — the option to write on the screen using the included Premium Pen, which feels like writing on paper with a pencil. You can choose between different templates like lined paper, grid paper, and checklists, allowing you to create notebooks and journals within the Amazon Kindle Scribe. The e-book reader also offers an adjustable warm light, an auto-adjusting front light, and a battery that can last weeks on a single charge.

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