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Azadi Mubarak, saheliyon.
Today is Aurat March, the day when women march in the streets to champion social, economic and political issues for females across Pakistan. It’s an important day to celebrate the struggles of the feminist movement that called for equal rights for women everywhere in Pakistan.

However, the struggles of women weren’t just present on the roads but have been recorded and displayed on our television screens for decades. Pakistani films and dramas are powerful tools to spread awareness on social issues, and have consistently given voice to the demands of women for years. Thanks to powerful women working in the entertainment industry like Bee Gul, Sania Saeed and Haseena Moin, there are several dramas that have spoken about feminist issues and also championed powerful women. So to set up your feminist-themed movie night, here are some dramas you should definitely give a watch!

1 Dobara

Penned by Sarwat Nazir and starring the multi-talented Hadiqa Kiana, the drama explores the life of a middle-aged woman who gets a second chance at life after the death of her husband. Forced into marriage when she was only 16 years old, Mehru Nisa decides to take a stand and do everything she was restricted from such as taking tennis classes, jogging in the park and even dancing at her son’s wedding, despite the backlash she faces from her in-laws. This drama was lauded by fans for centering around the life of a middle-aged woman at a time when they are pushed to be relevant only as mothers or grandmothers.

2 Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

Bee Gul has been celebrated by Pakistani women for championing the issues women face in her dramas, being upfront about bringing stories told by women to the screen and dismantling misogyny. The anthology series which debuted on Hum TV was a collection of short stories about women and the struggles they faced in Pakistani society, discussing issues like sexual assault, relationships and even homosexuality, which had gotten earned it a notice from PEMRA.

3 Kuch Ankahi

The powerful drama has been dominating conversations since its release because of how it completely changed how women’s stories are told in the entertainment industry. Focusing on a family living in Karachi, the series doesn’t shy away from discussing issues like forced marriages, child sexual assault, property rights of women and even body shaming.

4 Sar-e-Rah

Another drama that has been lauded by women for championing female friendships and showcasing how powerful women can become once they learn to be independent and make their own living. The limited series follows the life of Rabia, who decides to become the breadwinner of the family after her father suffers from a heart attack, and persists through despite being criticized by her family. With her journey, she comes across women from different backgrounds who face issues like infertility, social media trolling or harassment at the workplace, but Sar-e-Rah demonstrates how women can overcome anything with the help of another powerful woman.

5 Tanhaiyaan

Haseena Moin will always be remembered in history as a champion for women-centered stories. She did it fearlessly in the era of dictatorship of General Zia. Her drama ‘Tanhaiyaan’ is still celebrated as one of the finest feminist dramas that championed original, independent women on screen who didn’t just obsess around the men in their lives. It explores the lives of two sisters Sanya and Zara, who move in with their aunt after the death of their parents, and lose their house due to their father’s debt.

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