Iffat Omar reveals the cosmetic treatments she gets to look younger

Iffat Omar reveals the cosmetic treatments she gets to look younger

Actor Iffat Omar recently appeared on a podcast with Mansoor Ali Khan, where she discussed her fitness, youth, and medical procedures.

“Nowadays, a lot of things are available, women are aware, and they look after themselves,” she said of her fitness. There is a lot of help available from doctors, lasers, skin tightening, and other procedures are available to make you younger, these are our tools and we should use them, I talk about these procedures so that girls and people know that we look good after a lot of treatments and help, there are a lot of treatments available for people like lasers, thread lift, you must take all of these treatments once a year if you want to look good. I get them because it’s my investment; I work in this industry, so I spend money on myself, and I don’t hide my procedures; instead, I opt for more natural-looking procedures. Fillers change you, select treatment wisely”.

Last year Iffat opened up about having cosmetic fillers. A user commented under the Aangan star’s post saying that her “filler looks a little extra,” to which the Dour diva replied by saying, “No fillers my lips look more prominent since I lost weight. I look after myself and very rarely had fillers.”


Last year a netizen commented under her picture, “Auntie hands nadia hussain kay pass lay jain.”

To which the Aangan star replied, “beta 50 saal ki ho rahi hun Feb me ab haath aisey hi hongay, app na dekho agr takleef hoti hai.”

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