‘Grow up’: Twitter users are furious with Shoaib Akhtar after comments about Babar Azam go viral

‘Grow up’: Twitter users are furious with Shoaib Akhtar after comments about Babar Azam go viral

Twitter is furious with Shoaib Akhtar after a clip of his comments about Babar Azam went viral.
The former fast bowler gave an interview to Suno TV, where among many things he criticized current captain Babar Azam for not being able to communicate well with the media.
“Babar Azam should be one of the biggest names of Pakistan. Why is he not one of the biggest names? It’s because he is not able to communicate.”

He stressed that cricket is one job, and being able to communicate with the media is an important aspect. He then cited that as the reason he is still relevant along with other former cricket stars.

“Cricket is one job, and media is another job…If you can’t speak, then I’m sorry you’re not going to be able to express your performances on the tv.. Why is it only me, Waseem bhai and Shahid bhai who are able to appear in ads?”


As soon as this interview went viral on social media, fans came in defense of Azam and criticized the former player for his toxic and demoralizing comments for the current cricket team.

Public speaking can be an essential part of your career but it shouldn’t completely define the kind of person you are. Users believe the Azam’s cricket career speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.

“Narcissism and superiority complex at its best. Babar azam IS a brand despite his introverted nature. Go cry cuz that’s all you can do about it” another user wrote.

“He is already biggest brand, he is cricketer not actor , and he doesn’t need to do that useless things because his job is cricket and he is world no 1 in his job”, another user wrote in defence of the former “Men’s ODI ricketer of Year Award” winner

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