Flour price reaches Rs150/kg in Karachi

Flour price reaches Rs150/kg in Karachi

KARACHI: Following the strike of flour mills in Karachi, the price of flour has reached Rs150/kg in the port city, ARY News reported. 

The flour crisis in Karachi is deepening as the commodity is disappearing from the market due to strikes of flour mills.

Flour Mills Association Sindh chairman, Chaudhry Aamir said as many as 90 flour mills in Karachi are closed, while the Sindh food department is trying to force them for reopening of the mills.

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The flour mills in Karachi are on strike for an indefinite period against the ‘illegal’ raids.

The association’s spokesperson on Thursday said in a statement that six flour mills were ‘illegally’ sealed by the authorities in Karachi and Nawabshah yesterday.

The association demanded the government to reopen the floor mills and the provision of cheap and standard wheat.

The owners announced to close flour mills across Sindh until their demands are met.


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