Bhai, Bhenoo, Netflix nay bata diya how it will stop you from password sharing

Bhai, Bhenoo, Netflix nay bata diya how it will stop you from password sharing

Welp! It looks like Valentines Day has arrived early, with Netflix acting like a kabab mein haddi for you and bae’s downtime.
The streaming giant has released a new set of rules and regulations to stop users from sharing their passwords. The streaming giant has updated their Help Center page with details of how users will be stopped from borrowing their sister’s, friend’s or elder brother’s account from now onwards.

According to the new guidelines as reported by Streamable, Netflix accounts are only shareable within a household. To ensure that devices are connected to the original Wi-Fi, users are required to log in to the app from their primary location, and watch something every 31 days. If a user’s device has been blocked incorrectly, they can contact Netflix in order to get it unblocked.

To prevent outsiders from sharing an account with someone who isn’t a part of the Netflix household, the app revealed they would block access if the user signs in to their account from elsewhere.

One of the most controversial rule introduced has been surrounding requirements for travelling users, who wondered how they can log in to the streaming website through their devices.

Netflix will block your access if users sign in to the app outside their home. For traveling users to work around this, if they wish to use the app on a hotel television, they can request the company to send them a temporary code while signing in. This will allow them access to their account for seven days.

To track users on whether they’re using internet within their household, Netflix will be using information like IP addresses, device ID’s and account activity.

However, these list of rules as uploaded by Streamable, are not currently present on the Netflix Help Center page, but they are accessible through Wayback Machine, which means that the app is changing a few rules before enforcing the password protection policy.

According to the new update on their Password Sharing Page, if users logged in to their device outside their homes, then they would be asked to verify their device by sending a verification code to the primary owner’s email address before using Netflix.

Especially if a user is travelling, they will no longer be blocked from access if they logged in to Netflix from a different Wi-Fi, but they must occasionally verify their device after a few days.

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