Best Deepfake Nude Bots on Telegram

I analyzed and reviewed a dozen or so different Deepnude telegram bots while preparing this article. In general, this photo nudging solution has a great advantage because it allows you to process photos much faster than on web platforms. But due to the significant attention paid to deep fake technologies in the last year, I see several new tools every week. Usually, they are of terrible quality or very expensive. On this page, I’ve gathered all my experience in this field to show you which bots you can trust and which are not worth your money.

We check each nudity bot using three parameters:

  • the quality of generating Nude images
  • photo processing speed
  • price per processing
  • payment methods
  • additional features

Best Deepnude bots on Telegram in 2023

  • @BikiniBot – link – high-quality and speedy.
    • there is an option to get free points – here.
  • @PPNudeBot – high-quality but a bit more expensive.
  • @Fake Nude Bot – It generates not so fast and the quality is ugly. Do not Recommend This Shit!

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About the role of bots in generating fakes

Sensity company (Formerly known as Deeptrace), which specializes in AI information security, has discovered a network of Telegram bots that generate nude deepfakes based on arbitrary photographs of women. As of May 2023, DeepNude bots have generated photos of nearly 31.970.000+ women. This is more than the population of Australia ????????!

DeepNude Telegram bot website screenshot

Examples of DeepNude’s software can be seen in repositories on GitHub: the incoming image and the result.

Over the past 4 months, the volume of orders has increased almost three times. The investigation showed that most clients are asking to take nude photos not of celebrities, but of their own acquaintances who are known in real life. It is possible that some clients of the service are teenagers.


  • Self-reporting by the bot’s users indicated that 70% of targets are private individuals whose photos are either taken from social media accounts or private material.
  • A limited number of bot-generated images shared publicly across affiliated channels featured targets who appeared to be underage.
  • The bot and its affiliated channels have attracted approximately 101,080 members worldwide, with 70% coming from russia and ex-USSR countries.
  • The bot received significant advertising via russian social media website VK, which itself features related activity across 380 pages.
  • These findings also allude to broader threats presented by the bot. Specifically, individuals’ “stripped” images can be shared in private or public channels beyond Telegram as part of public shaming or extortion-based attacks.

On Reddit and other Social Media posted threads about it:

post on

Most such messages collect a lot of interactions and comments from the audience. Many users point to poor-quality pictures. Which can’t really harm women.

    • @Bikini Bot – link – Get high-quality and speedy results in less than 20 seconds! It offers a free trial for the first photo, and after that, each photo processing costs $0.60 / €0.5. Try this out today and see how the bot can enhance your photos with advanced technology.
      • there is an option to get free points – here.
    • @PP Nude Bot – It’s a good bot: high-quality, fast (up to 60 seconds in the queue), out of box Chinese language, but you can switch to English. Each photo processing costs $1.00.
      • an option to get free points – in progress.
    • @Bra_Off_bot – very similar to PPNudeBot (possibly the same developer) but without Free trial! Do not Recommend This!
  • @Fake Nude Bot – It generates not so fast and the quality is ugly. Do not Recommend This Shit! The free version has 3 attempts. A picture with a blur or ugly.
  • @DeepNudeChat_Botlink2 (EN) – Best but do not work Now!
  • @Deepnudify-bot – Only Paid options, Related ro russia. Do not Recommend This Shit!
  • @deep_nudesbot – link here (only Paid options from $3)
  • @fakenudes3bot – new (ES)
    • @DeepNudeBot – is not allowed
    • @deepnudebots – is not allowed
    • @maloletki_v2 – is not allowed

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A technology similar to DeepNude, the 2019 app that shut down shortly after launch, is now spreading unfettered on Telegram.

Karen Hao

This time it has an even simpler user interface: anyone can send the bot a photo through the Telegram mobile or web app and receive a nude back within minutes. The service is also completely free, though users can pay a base of 100 rubles (approximately $1.50) for perks such as removing the watermark on the “stripped” photos or skipping the processing queue.

Is it ethical to use a deepfake apps?


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The researchers also reached out to Telegram and to relevant law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. Telegram did not respond to either their note or MIT Technology Review’s follow-up request for comment. Patrini says they also haven’t seen “any tangible effect on these communities” since contacting the authorities.

On a local computer, DeepNude Software requires a powerful system and GPU. However, the entire ecosystem of Telegram bots runs from online servers, so the service is available to anyone with a phone. This is one of the main reasons why bots are so popular, says Sensity.

Perhaps, this rather primitive “erotic” application was the first commercially successful application of machine learning for image processing. It reminds a joke that porn is the engine of technological progress.

Several image conversion options

Unlike other apps, it has several image conversion options:

  • bikini
  • lingerie
  • swimsuit
  • sporty style
  • business style
  • total nudity

Also, in the Bikini bot, you will get two image versions at once. If you are not satisfied with the result, send the image again. In our experience, you will get a good image the first time. But sometimes in difficult cases, it took up to 3 tries.

What are the chances that you will use a Fake nude generator?


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Exceeded the limit of votes from one IP.

Deepnude Bot Prices

Purchase credits to process your photos. Each photo processing costs 1 credit (CR).

They offer various payment methods for your convenience:

  • Crypto: You can pay with crypto through direct transactions. We provide instructions for CashApp, PayPal, and other crypto payment methods.
  • CryptoBot: You can also pay with crypto through our CryptoBot. We offer instructions for crypto, UPI, bank cards, Google Pay, and other payment methods.
  • SkinsBack: Bot accept in-game items on Steam as payment.
  • European cards: You can pay with EU currency using European or Russian cards.
  • EU Banking: Offer direct bank transfers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. You can use N26, DKB, Postbank, Erste, Raif, and other banks for payment.
  • Ideal: Accept payments through Revolut, Bunq, and other Dutch banks.
  • Pix or Boleto: Bot accept payments through the Brazilian payment system.
  • P2P: You can also buy credits from a dealer using PayPal, RMB, UPI, Paytm, Revolut, AliPay, INR, USD, and other payment methods.

Deepfake Bot Work Samples

Alternative solutions for generating deep fakes

Of course, Telegram bots are a great tool for many tasks. Interaction with messengers is easier than with a browser. For example, a Facebook study showed that the time from opening the Messenger app to the first user interaction is about 2.5 seconds on iOS and 2.8 seconds on Android. At the same time, the time from opening the application to full download ranges from 4 to 10 seconds. The Telegram bot is quite simplified, and some people may not find the variability of its algorithms enough. But this is the price for the simplicity and speed of image generation.

Exploring the topic of fake generation in more depth, I came across an alternative solution with a very wide range of functionality.

Deepswap is an AI face swap application that operates online and allows users to generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs fast using artificial intelligence. With over 150 million users, it has become a popular platform for creating amusing face swaps, such as changing movie roles, swapping genders, and creating face memes. Give your friends a laugh and try it out today!

We have already reviewed this tool here (

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