Ayesha Omar shares advice for women who wish to enter the industry

Ayesha Omar shares advice for women who wish to enter the industry

Actor and singer Ayesha Omar was a guest on UrduFlix’s “The Shoaib Akhtar Show” where she offered advice to young women who wanted to form a career in the entertainment industry.

Omar stressed that the most essential tip for women to remember is that if they’ve shifted to a new city, it is safer to live in an apartment building rather than a house:
“I was just giving this advice to a girl who had shifted to Karachi and was an actor. She was terrified because someone had smashed the windows of her car outside her house. I told her it’s essential that if she’s living alone, she lives in an apartment rather than a house. This is for all women who are divorced, or moving out of their parents homes and want to live independently, it’s the safest thing for them to live in apartment buildings. Given the realities of this country, we have to adjust to it. You can’t change them. You have to be careful, you can’t fight everything.”

The second tip Omar revealed was to learn to be independent, and stop relying on other people to complete your tasks:

“Take care of your health and your expenses on your own. You cannot expect that you’ll find help out there. It’s your body and your life so take care of it. I take care of my own food, clothes and makeup wherever I go, and there is a lot of joy in doing so. You’re less stressed out as well… I’ve learned that if there are 20 people whom you keep requesting to do your work, those 20 people won’t do it. So you must conserve your energy and do things on your own.”

Sanam Jung was also a guest along side Omar, and she also told aspiring actors to remember not to reveal your personal struggles to people in the industry.


“Never share your home issues or financial problems with anyone in the industry, because they take advantage and they will take you for granted.They will know how desperate you are for work, so they’ll call you at inappropriate hours,” she said.

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