Ayesha Omar addresses her rumored affair with Shoaib Malik

Ayesha Omar addresses her rumored affair with Shoaib Malik

Ayesha Omar made headlines in both Pakistan and India when her sensual photoshoot with the former Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik went viral on social media. Rumors began swirling about estrangement between Malik and his wife, former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, with speculations of a divorce in the works. Omar and Malik became the target of gossip, with stories of the two having an affair which led to the cricketer’s marriage falling apart.

Now on a talk show with Shoaib Akhtar, Omar made it clear that she isn’t interested in married men.

“I will never be attracted to a married or committed man ever. Everyone knows me… that goes without saying,” she said.

When Akhtar asked her about the controversial photoshoot, Omar responded that the rumors of their affair started in India and then arrived in Pakistan.


Previously in 2021, an instagram user had taunted Omar by asking her when she will be getting married to Malik, and she shut down the rumor directly:

“Absolutely now. He is married and is very happy with his wife. I respect Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza a lot. Shoaib is a good friend of mine and also a professional colleague. He respects me a lot as well. There are also relationships like these which don’t revolve around marriages,” wrote the Bulbulay actor.

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